Awards from NAYADA

“Arkhidom” Magazine, № 6, 2006

"What comes first – design or technology?" NAYADA Company made an attempt to find an answer to this significant question by means of organizing a competition “OFFICE SPACE: creativity, technologies, innovations” in the end of last year for the architects specializing in office space decoration.

Photo Awards from NAYADA

The leader of the Russian and European market in the field of office partitions production offered three various nominations granting the participants a wide field for creativity. More than 260 applicants were able to show their works using either NAYADA partitions or their own developments. If they didn’t have time or energy for making a project they could present one of their already created office projects. However the extended list of participants, among which there are students, experienced architects, design studios and even an architect from Philippines, shows that one can always find time and desire to create, especially if there is a chance to see one’s ideas come to life.

According to the participants themselves, among the reasons for taking part in the competition was an opportunity to demonstrate their abilities, express their creative ideas on paper, explore a vast number of works in a given area, ensure further promotion in the market of project services, etc. But the main reason for all the applicants was undoubtedly the chance that their projects become a basis for developing essentially new models.

In his interview to “Arkhidom” the general manager of NAYADA Company Dmitry Cherepkov tells, whether these ideas come to life:

- Dmitry, tell me please, are you really going to put any of these project into production?

Dmitry Cherepkov: I believe, yes. After all, we found projects, which attracted our attention so much that we will definitely try to do it. Although the rules of the competition don’t stipulate it. It’s a long and hard work, since the projects are just some sort of an abstract concept, and to make it real our specialists will have to complete them and take in account all the details.

- Why did you decide organize this competition? NAYADA is a company producing dozens of thousands of square metres of partitions a month and feels perfect on the market without it.

Dmitry Cherepkov: It is always interesting to do something new and to advance. Sometimes we prefer to work on a small, difficult and unprofitable project mainly because it gives us an opportunity to use completely new technologies. Perhaps, it is this aspiration to create that make us the leaders. Besides, today the role of designers and architects is becoming more and more significant. Before we used to get orders from office owners who wanted a project according to their taste. Nowadays partitions are chosen in accordance with the general artistic concept of office space developed by professionals. And for us this competition is one more opportunity to get to know them better, find a common language, define the priorities and prospects of development.

- To what extend in your opinion designers and architects working on office interiors use technological advantages of office partitions?

Dmitry Cherepkov: To my mind office partitions makers undergo some sort of stagnation in the sphere of design. Standard approach to partitions using various combinations of glass and metal naturally sets certain limits in interior design. To create something new and original is becoming more difficult. If there is any development in this direction it often stays on the level of details evident only for the manufacturers. At the same time, the technological potential of this sphere is enormous. Partitions can be of any kind. It is interesting to work with curved glass, stained glass with imprints and patterns applied to it. Materials can be different. The main thing about design is that there should be some fresh and unexpected idea, which would harmoniously correspond to the image and philosophy of the company, for which we create a project design. One can make almost anything. At least, when we receive an unusual project we always find a solution in the long run. This kind of work is the most pleasant for us.

- Which trend in office space design seems to be more perspective to you?

Dmitry Cherepkov: I think that the most important is to create a multifunctional and convertible area, which would help the company to optimize its working process saving the space and taking into account the momentary needs. As a matter of fact, this idea is being developed by many of our participants. This proves that our competition turned out to be relevant and well-timed.

By the time this issue of “Arkhidom” is published the terms of project acceptance will have been over. After that the authorized jury including Youri Sdobnov, Mikhail Khasanov, Sergey Kiselev, Timur Bashkaev, Dmitry Velichkin, Vasgen Zakharov, Vladimir Kubasov, Vladimir Plotkin, Elena Kryzhevskaya and Dmitry Cherepkov is going to start its work.

The winners will be officially announced at the “Architecture – 2006” exhibition. The architects who take the first, second and the third place in three nominations will receive up to $4000. there are also special awards, for instance, Archidom Award for the most architectural approach to design of partitions. However, Dmitry Cherepkov is sure that money prize is not of major importance. "The most important thing is a wish to find, design and create something new. From this point of view the competition can be already called successful, because among the projects I have found some ideas that are worth realizing. They are modern, stylish and unusual. We are sure that they will have success in the sphere of office design".