Office space organization – European style from NAYADA

Russia’s project, No. 1, 2004

Every company owner has a different approach to office interior, but the majority agree that the office interior should position the company as reliable, dynamic, successful, and friendly – all at the same time.

After the optimal design solution is approved at the first stage, the design of various office segments, including the so called VIP zones, i.e. fragments of office space, where visitors get acquainted with the company – reception zones, conference rooms, recreation zones, top management rooms - should be developed.

Two years ago, NAYADA offered a unique solution – NAYADA-Тempo system – office partitions with wall-mounted panels, which allow for creating an exquisite refined European style in the working space. NAYADA-Тempo has quickly become popular and occupied a strong position in the segment of exclusive office solutions. One of the system advantages is its uniqueness for the Russian market. The only NAYADA-Тempo analogues are foreign made, which are sold at a much higher price with a longer lead time. Architects, projectors and interior designers highly appreciate this system as it provides endless design options. Laminated wood chipboard with wood grain finish is most often used as a material for wall-mounted panels. Thanks to modern technologies, laminated plate surface imitates the texture of wood which can be perceived both by sight and touch. In more exclusive variants panels can be produced of MDF panels covered with natural wood veneer. Glass elements of partitions are made of double stained glass in aluminum frame, which along with other aluminum elements (plinth, corner supports) can be painted any color. Stained glass can be produced of various kinds of glass, while pattern frosting offers endless design options. Using this method the pattern may be applied to each section, or a general design concept may be realized on the entire set of stained-glass panels. Besides, glass panels can be equipped with blinds with a tiny control knob on each panel. One more system advantage, especially from the point of view of interior design, is that the architect is not limited by a set of standard sizes. Calculation and elements production is performed for each specific project, which nevertheless does not affect the time of project implementation. On average it takes up to 7 – 10 working days (the assembly begins without waiting for all the partition parts to be ready, which makes the project implementation terms still more dynamic). NAYADA offers several types of doors, which perfectly match the partitions. First of all, glazed doors in aluminum frame manufactured by NAYADA. Doors can be single or double-glazed (including stained-glass windows with built-in blinds) - one of the best options both from the point of view of design and functionality. All-glass and solid laminated doors look very stylish. They can be decorated with plastic of the same color as the partition panels. NAYADA-Тempo office partition is characterized by a high level of sound-proofing – 36 decibel, which completely solves the problems of working in a noisy environment. Based on a steel support, the system has excellent strength, even at big heights (maximum construction height with partition thickness of 89 mm is 4.5 m). Having chosen NAYADA-Тempo for the reception zone, conference room, lounge or management study, many NAYADA clients choose this system for the rest of the office space - who can resist the pleasure of decorating their office in an exquisite European style after the success of the first attempt. The NAYADA-Тempo system was chosen by such companies as MIAN, a Moscow real-estate agency, Ernst&Young Saint-Petersburg office, Nike, the Russian Reinsurance Society, and others.