Elegant NAYADA.

NAYADA is to put into production its new development – a new frame with single glazing in the middle of NAYADA-Elegant partition. The profile shape accentuates the aesthetics of of the new system, and its name speaks for itself. Slim pillars and elegant lines of decorative elements (stained glass rails) create an impression of the open and airy space. The novelty has premium quality look, however its price is comparable to that of the popular and functional NAYADA-Standart partition. Thanks to special modules of transition, the new system is seamlessly combined with traditional NAYADA doors and partitions and can be used as an option for NAYADA-Standart.

NAYADA-Elegant uses a tempered glass panel 6 mm thick. It also allows installing sections with opaque enclosures. This solution is often used for making partitions with blind sections, for instance, for display borders.

Photo Elegant NAYADA.