Innovations in NAYADA-Crystal partitions

NAYADA designers have improved locking profile for all-glass partitions. Innovative design allowed to lower the cost of locking profile set for the Crystal-3 system for 40%. Crystal-3 system is produced in two versions: 57,5 mm and also 100 mm high. The use of Crystal H100 locking system allows to hide cables inside the partition under the glass panels. Installation of electric plug in a decorative top of the locking system is also possible. It is important to combine Н55 and Н100 systems, the first one is used for the ceiling and the second one or both are used for the floor.

New polished coatings of a decorative aluminum top make NAYADA-Crystal partitions look more elegant and presentable. The new Crystal-3 system is quick and easy to assemble and it perfectly combines with false floors and suspended ceilings. In the process of partition assembling with the help of a Crystal-3 profile patented adjusted stand is used. It allowed to prevent glass settlement and consequently the formation of clearance between glass panels. This substantially improves safety of fixtures especially in interglass profiles protecting them from clearances, which may appear when glass slips down some time after the assembling.