NAYADA-Parapetto: elegant handrailing from NAYADA

The brand portfolio of NAYADA, the leading Russian designer and producer of partition systems, has been expanded by a new unique product - NAYADA- Parapetto railing system.

Photo NAYADA-Parapetto: elegant handrailing from NAYADA

Company designers bore in mind that the interior of an office or a trade center consists not only from working or shopping areas. Staircases, escalators, balconies and atriums decorated in the appropriate way can complement the concepts of the corporate design and create elegant interior. This new NAYADA system is characterized not only by external aesthetics but also by ease of use, broad protective features and compliance with all-Union State Standard requirements and construction norms and regulations.

Elegance, beauty and style of NAYADA- Parapetto are achieved by a combination of rails and pales having different shape and design. Sophisticated design of all details of the system significantly enhances its possibilities. Decorative elements not only hide connection points, but also allow to make the whole construction smooth and elegant. The filling of the railing, which uses horizontal guides made of stainless steel and tempered glass is also an original decoration element. Transparent or colored glass with logos, symbols or patterns applied to it make the interior more authentic and unique.

The combination of NAYADA- Parapetto with NAYADA partitions allows to create a unified style of an office or a trade center and accentuate the aesthetics of the area.