NAYADA presents textured stone door

NAYADA enhanced its range of interior doors by launching a textured door decorated with «Bluestone» stone. Uneven surface and various color effects make each item unique. The color, texture and energetics of natural stone are ideal for creating original art interiors.

Photo NAYADA presents textured stone door

The maximum size of a textured door panel with stone decoration equals to 1000 х 3000 mm. The door lining provides decorative horizontal moldings made of anodized aluminum with maximum pitch of 600mm.
Stone door looks monumental. However thanks to a special construction its weight doesn't exceed 60 kg. Special mix used for treating the door surface protects it from direct sunlight, moist, and mechanical damage.

There is a wide range of accessories intended for textured doors decorated with stone:
- ASB Z5-5675 MAB set; square outlets, color: bronze
- ASB Z5-4675 BN set; round outlets, color: nickel
- ASB Z5-5675 BN set; square outlets, color: nickel
- lock with a handle HCS set (handle: HOPPE HCS Atlanta)
- Verona set (polished aluminum)
- HOPPE Amsterdam set (polished aluminum)
- HOPPE Las Vegas set (stainless steel)