The radial module of NAYADA-Blitz mobile office partition appeared as the result of hard work on development and improvement of NAYADA products, which have already made a good showing on the market.

The radial module, which can be up to 1600 mm high, is resting upon three adjustable supports and has curved panels with vinyl coverings (Durafort or Advantage). The internal radius of the module is 800 mm, rotation angle is 90 degrees.

The radial module can be used in Open Space zones and banks, where working with clients requires both, space isolation and a certain level of design.

It is possible to vary the height of the radial module according to our clients’ request.

Radial Module in NAYADA-Optima+ Mobile Partitions

Radial Module in NAYADA-Optima+ Mobile Partitions

The possible variants of partition module junctions using radial modules of NAYADA-Blitz mobile partition:

Photo Latest Update: Radial Module in NAYADA-Optima+ Mobile Partitions.