NAYADA launches Hedronics arm-chair

NAYADA launches Hedronics arm-chair

NAYADA has broadened its range of products by launching a new Hedronics arm-chair. This model has been developed by a famous German architect Daniel Dendra (Bauhaus) specially for Sretenka Design Week.

The basic form for the arm-chair is a polygon. Just like Japanese art origami, the Hedronics arm-chair is made of a solid metal sheet and embodies mathematical harmony of simple geometrical forms.

The arm-chair cam be made of a solid metal sheet of a panel with decorative perforation. Perforated arm-chair weighs less and looks as if it is filled with air bubbles. This model is called Hedronics sparking. The arm-chair can be of any color according to RAL scale.

Hedronics represents a vivid example of effective cooperation of foreign designers and Russian producers. Hedronics arm-chair is a wonderful decorative element that looks best in launch zones of public interiors, workshops, restaurants and modern interiors.

Photo NAYADA launches Hedronics arm-chair