We present a new system of mobile partitions NAYADA-Optima+.

Our company is constantly developing new and improving already known on the market NAYADA partition systems.

We try to create products, which completely satisfy our clients’ requirements, keep up with the latest tendencies and meet the world standards.

Today we are glad to present our new system of mobile partitions NAYADA-Optima+.

System of mobile partitions NAYADA-Optima+

NAYADA-Optima+ is based on our previous developments combining the solidity of NAYADA-Optima partitions with the elegance and ergonomics of NAYADA-Fantastik:

  • The module profiles are now equipped with special slots allowing to fix and in case of need to move hinged elements (shelves and accessories) along the partition plane.
  • The module joining principle is similar to that of the NAYADA-Optima partitions. It makes NAYADA-Optima+ partitions easy to calculate and assemble.
  • Instead of customary plastic bibs on the module butt- end a decorative lath is used.
  • The Venetian blind control knob can be located either on the upper end of the module or on the front panel of the partition profile.

As with the rest of NAYADA mobile partitions, NAYADA-Optima+ is intended for organization of ergonomical workplaces and Open Space zones based on them.

Furthermore, NAYADA-Optima+ partitions possess some qualities of stationary partitions: these partitions help to organize small-sized cabinets with built-in doors.

More information on NAYADA-Optima+ here.

By March, 2006 new NAYADA-Optima+ partition system will replace NAYADA-Optima partition system, which will be taken out of production on the 1st of March, 2006.