Ledge for Venetian blinds.

One of the new features improving the look of partition is a special profile called "ledge for Venetian blinds”. This element has not only functional, but also aesthetical purpose and is used for installing a hidden casing for Venetian blinds with double glazing in NAYADA-Standart or NAYADA-Lite office partitions.

In the process of mounting a partition this profile is cut to fit in the spacing between two vertical ledges of the section with double glazing 2-3 mm short. The tearstrip of the profile gets removed. The casing for Venetian blinds is placed inside the profile, which is then latched on the upper horizontal NAYADA-Standart or NAYADA-Lite stand.

The rest of the mounting operations such as extending a control cable, installing the steering handle for Venetian blinds, are carried out according to the standard scheme. The additional aesthetic element "Venetian blinds ledge” doesn’t influence the terms or the cost of partitions mounting.