Fire resistant doors with hinged step from NAYADA.

Fire resistant doors with hinged step from NAYADA A popular partition series NAYADA-Fireproof has been enhanced with new fire resistant doors with hinged step. The models include Dp1-30, DP2-30, DP1-60, DP2-60. Besides modern hi-tech design, built-in locks and Venetian blinds the doors offer a hinged step creating an obstruction for smoke and fire. With this new door there is no more obstruction on the way to the room as it was before. The hinged step is mounted right into the door. When the door is open it’s hidden inside. If the door is closed, it goes down and bears against the floor. The main criteria to distinguish fire resistant systems is the maximum time during which the partition preserves its heat-insulating properties and remains intact. The time is measured in minutes. Recent research has shown that NAYADA glazed fire resistant doors are able to keep its heat – and smoke-insulating properties within 60 minutes.