All-glass mobile Crystal screen

All-glass mobile Crystal screen

NAYADA company calls your attention to another novelty, an all-glass mobile screen called Crystal. This visually light and elegant display is intended forr all kinds of spaces, including offices, waiting areas, SPA and restaurants.


  • improves of visual perception of space;
  • saves space in small rooms, integrates space;
  • divides public spaces into zones (for hotels, beauty salons, restaurants);
  • provides comfortable working conditions for office workers without compromising on privacy;
  • improves ergonomics workplaces in open space;
  • increases the productivity factor of company staff.

All-glass mobile screen Crystal represents a 10-inch thick glass panel with 2 stubs.
The display is made of Omni Decor tempered glass, satinato or triplex. The studs can be painted any color from RAL scale.
Standard dimensions:

  • width 1100 mm;
  • height 1580 mm.
Photo All-glass mobile Crystal screen

It is possible to execute a display up to 1800 mm high.