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NAYADA-Regina Line is a Fixed partition system with hinged panels furnished with finewood veneer

This modern improved partition integrates austere European style and the warmth of natural wood. The system offers enhanced possibilities of assembling panels of various sizes at practically any spacing, which adds volume and individuality to any partition. Using more than 80 kinds of finewood veneer on the front side of each panel allows realizing most trailblazing projects.

VIP-areas, top management offices, negotiation rooms, halls and reception zones.


  Partition width 89 mm
  Maximum height 4.5 m as a partition
up to 12 m as wall dubbing
  Sound insulation 35 dB
  Fire resistance

Production terms

Volume Terms of project engineering (workdays) Terms of materials purchasing (workdays) Terms of production (workdays) Terms of assembling (workdays)
50 м2 to 3 4 9-12 2-3
200 м2 to 4 4 12-15 7-8
500 м2 to 5 4 20-25 11-13
1000 м2 to 5 4 30-40 22-25
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