JSC «Kazahstan Kagazy»

About project

Client: Kazahstan JSC Kagazy
City: Almaty

Project history


For the largest Kazakhstani corrugated packaging, paper and corrugated board producer Kazakhstan Kagazy JSC NAYADA-Almaty created an office made of glass and light.

Peculiarities of the project

First impression is half the battle, says the proverb. In a modern office the first impression is produced by reception zone. In a large hall everything is extremely laconic: a glass panel in the center (NAYADA-Mini system on spiders) and a reception unit made of curved colored glass 4,5 meters long. The special lighting and glass cubes complete the image.

The second floor is also decorated with glass. Doors and partitions produce an impression of lightness and openness. At the same time, they allow to isolate the co-workers from the corridor and protect them from noise. The transparent composition is complemented by NAYADA-Optima+ partition. This is a system of mobile partitions allowing to quickly organize the work space, disassemble the construction or reconfigure the space.