About project

Client: Calzedonia
City: Moscow
Business type: Other
Object type: Shopping centers

Project history

Works of NAYADA

Innovative solution for decoration of the new Calzedonia office located in the Moscow International Business Center Moscow City was offered by NAYADA together with a famous Italian architect Nicolo Nigri. Italian style and high quality of NAYADA products were embodied with the help of expensive natural materials.

One of them is natural veneer. Its unique style is stated in every detail, that is why every decorative element was carefully elaborated.

The borders of the office in 'Glass Tower' were decorated with all-glass partitions NAYADA-Cristal. Nayada doors and partitions perfectly fit the office created in Italian style. They were made specially for this project and use CLEARVISION bleached-out glass.

Every project of NAYADA is an individual solution optimal both in constructive and decorative way. The process of creating new space often inspires specialists to search for new ideas on decoration. In particular, NAYADA-Regina constructors together with the Italian architect developed a new door case for Calzedonia office and achieved a uniform level of glass and profile. Thanks to this construction solution and production technique not only sound insulation but also aesthetics of office space were improved.

Staff education rooms and cafeteria of the new office got new NAYADA-SmartWall sliding partitions. One of peculiar features of these partitions is their ability to transform. It allowed to achieve maximum ergonomics of space. The use of NAYADA-SmartWall in the chosen part of the office allows to quickly divide space into several zones.