Banque Societe Generale Vostok, Yekaterinburg

About project

City: Yekaterinburg
Business type: Other
Object type: Public buildings

Project history


Closed JSC «Banque Societe Generale Vostok» is a corporate client of NAYADA, which has already accomplished the head office and two affiliates of this bank in Yekaterinburg. The most interesting project from these three was designing the three-storeyed building of «Banque Societe Generale Vostok» head office.

Peculiarities of the project

NAYADA-Standart partitions with double tempered glass were installed on each floor. The box offices and an entrance group were made of tempered glass using exclusive Dorma Manet furniture.

During the project execution the workers faced a number of problems, the most serious one being that more than a half of all glass panels for NAYADA-Standart partitions delivered to the object had scratches. We decided to replace those panels, even despite the fact that most of the scratches were hardly visible.

We managed to produce new tempered glass panels and install them within the shortest terms. It is one of our major achievements that we managed to meet the deadline and meet the customer's requirements.