Project history

Peculiarities of the project

Company name: Euroset
Project Authors: Dmitry Dmitriev
Project manager: Timur Mirshukurov, Yulia Minaeva
NAYADA partitions installed in the office: NAYADA-Standart standard fixed partitions, NAYADA-Regina exclusive partition systems, NAYADA-Fireproof glass fireproof partitions, NAYADA-Reception - reception, reception units, doors.

Works of NAYADA

NAYADA has accomplished works on decorating a new office for Euroset company located in one of the most prestigious business centers on Begovaya station. This beautiful office was among 10 best projects at the Best Office of Russia competition organized by Vedomosti.

Euroset company exists more than 13 years on the Russian market. In the recent year the company has entered the global market and became one of the most dynamic retailer in the world. Today it owns more than 4300 stores and offices in Russia and abroad.
It was a difficult task for Dmitri Dmitriev, the project author to create a unique office design, which would combine creative and light style of the company and business-friendly atmosphere. NAYADA helped to achieve the goal.

NAYADA-Regina system was used to divide the area into zones. This exclusive partition system is based on metal constructions and decorated with veneer of wenge color accentuating clean geometry of corridors. Glass elements together with veneer decoration add lightness and airiness; into office interior.

The same style combining glass and veneer was used for the decoration of conference rooms and offices as well as the original reception unit, which perfectly fit into the whole interior. Corridors were accomplished with the help of NAYADA-Standart system based on aluminum profile with single glazing. The works have been carried out using a tempered glass 8 mm thick without vertical post. The twin type system produces a feeling of comfortable lightness.

What makes this project unique is a curved MDF together with columns and plasma panels built into NAYADA-Regina fireproof partitions. All these technologies are durable, safe and flexible.

The office space allowed to combine various NAYADA interior doors: doors in telescopic frames, doors finished with film, all-glass doors, fireproof doors, etc. This way the designers managed to solve the safety problems and accentuate the style and image of the company.

The author of the project managed to create comfortable working atmosphere for one of the leading companies on the Russian market. Lightness together with strictness made the company office interior truly unique.