About project

Client: Fesko
City: Moscow
Object type: Business Centers

Project history


The customer has set the objective to build an office, which would express the company philosophy and history, its 130-year-old traditions and at the same time emphasize the present day status of the company extensively using advanced transport technologies.

It's innovation and technological progress that became key notions for NAYADA engineers in the process of the project execution. None of the existing company systems were used in its standard shape.

Works of NAYADA

Project – Fesko company office
Primary contractor – Olsan company
Architect – Yulia Sheremetyeva (АМ by Sergey Estrin)
Project manager from NAYADA – Natalya Nechitalenko
Volume of executed works – more than 1000 m2

The main materials used for Fesko company office interior were glass and natural finewood veneer. From the interior solution point of view doors and walls of the corridor zone decorated with planks mantled in veneer became the most interesting element. Such an unusual doubling of the wall was developed specially for this project. Original reception units are executed in the same style.

Staff members' offices and conference rooms are made on the basis of NAYADA-Crystal system in a combination with upper and lower veneer profiles, which decorate the clamping window profile. This solution looks interesting in a combination with window frames decorated in the same veneer as all-glass doors. These decorative elements allowed to escape the atmosphere of cold metal often associated with hi-tech and at the same time to keep the airiness and openness thanks to abundance of glass. The wood texture added softness, warmth and respectability to the interior.

To control the degree of office openness Venetian blinds are usually used. Partitions in Fesko conference use unique glass produced according to a Japanese technology. They can change their transparency (so called smart glass). In order to engage this hi-tech innovation it was essential to solve the problem with wiring, which regulates the level of glass transparency. NAYADA managed to do it by means of creating a special solution, which allowed to hide all wires into the construction that fixes the glass in the frame.

NAYADA specialists carefully selected glass for staff members' offices. In order to isolate the working zones from the external noise of the office, they used sound insulating triplex in all-glass partitions. It allowed to reach the sound insulation level of 32 dB.