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Peculiarities of the project

Company name: Google
Project authors: Camenzind Evolution, дизайнер Татьяна Руэгг
Project manager: Самарский Сергей Викторович
Total area: 2846 m2
Installed partition systems: NAYADA-Standart Twin, NAYADA-Crystal, NAYADA-SmartWall

Works of NAYADA

NAYADA company has finished decorating the new office of Google, the largest US corporation and the owner of the most popular search engine that processes over 40 billion search requests a month. In 2005 the company opened a representative office in Russia. At first it located in two different buildings.

“We remember the way it started five years ago when Google opened its first office in Russia. Back then it was housed in two small rooms. Many things have changed since then. Right now we have two offices, in Moscow and Saint Petersburg”, says Vladimir Dolgov, the general manager of Google Russia.

Recently the company's office has moved to Baltschug Plaza business center located near the Novokuznetskaya station. The office takes the whole floor and has the total area of 2846 sq. meters.

The architects had a difficult task of creating the office, which would be comfortable on the one hand and reflect corporate traditions on the other. It's a common knowledge that Google's offices are far from ordinary. Apart from a traditional working zone, conference rooms, offices, corridors and reception hall one can find here practically everything: playgrounds, bicycle tracks, models of dinosaurs and coolers with free drinks. This is why it was important for designers to find suitable materials to realize their creative ideas.

Designers used the “Russian soul” concept as a decorative style solution. The office was filled with images of characters of Russian fairy tales, movies and cartoons. Every conference room has its own unique decoration. One can see Lukomorye in one room and Baba Yaga's hut in another, visit The Frog Princess themed conference room, meet Tortilla the Turtle, 38 parrots, Cheburashka and Captain Vrungel. Nayada specialists used NAYADA-Standart Twin partitions to recreate fairy tales in the conference room design. This technology allows to embody any creative ideas, and various coatings help to make every object unique. Moreover these partitions provide safety and sound insulation.

NAYADA-Crystal partition system used for zoning the office area allowed to create unique style thanks to glass insets, which added to the lightness and weightlessness of the office interior.

Another peculiarity of the project is a recreation area with a billiard-table made of all-glass partitions with two-fold traffic doors. This construction is almost invisible and yet it allows to isolate the area from the rest of the office.

Mobile partitions NAYADA-SmartWall used for constructing conference halls allowed creating two separate zones, which can be easily joined into one. This technology saves space and modifies it when it's needed. Decorative coating allows partitions to match the style of the office.

Since Google is famous for its informal attitude to the working process, the working zones were as important as recreation areas. The latter had to be comfortable and safe. Both these requirements were satisfied with the help of NAYADA products, which helped to reflect company philosophy, its dynamic character and uncommon approach to the working process.