Grand Theatre

About project

Client: Grand Theatre
City: Moscow
Business type: Other
Object type: Public buildings

Project history

Peculiarities of the project

Company name: the State Academic Bolshoi Theatre of Russia
Architects: Mosprojekt, Pavel Andreev's Architectural Workshop
Prime contractors: ООО Kurortprojekt
Project head manager: Ramil Izmailov
Project manager: Anatoly Romanov
Project engineers: Georgy Sviridov, Damir Valeev, Anatoly Valuyev
Installed NAYADA partition systems: NAYADA-Crystal, NAYADA-SmartWall H100/H100K

Works of NAYADA

On the 28th of October, after a long-term reconstruction the main stage of the Bolshoi Theatre is finally to be open. NAYADA company took part in the process of creating the new interior of the legendary theater. The main objective of the reconstruction was to enlarge the main stage. As the result, the area of the Bolshoi Theatre grew twofold and reached 80 000 square meters. Apart from that, the theater got seven grounds in the stage zone and a unique hi-tech construction allowing to transform the space on one of the stages.

The NAYADA team formed esthetic and functional characteristics for the theater with the help of NAYADA-Crystal and NAYADA-SmartWall H100/H100K constructions. NAYADA-Crystal glass partitions without jambs and profiles create a refined look and a feeling of incredible lightness and featheriness whereas providing high reliability and safety.

One of the key constructions of the Bolshoi Theatre is a unique movable partition NAYADA-SmartWall, which separates the rehearsal room from the lobby in case of necessity. The system consists of 32 sections (including 4 double doors). The construction has a curved shape with a podium in the middle. Each section adjoins to the neighboring one at an angle about 4°. With each section weighing around 430 kg, and the whole construction weighs more than 13 tons! On the inside partitions are finished with special soundproof panels, that is why the partition provides the highest level of sound insulation - 54dB. Panels cave composite finish comprised of wallpaper, veneer and mirrors with aging effect.

According to Alexander Lushnikov, the head of VTK on Bolshoi Theatre design, “After the sexennial reconstruction one of the symbols of Moscow, the Bolshoi Theatre is to be open soon. We've accomplished a lot of work and finished inner spaces with hi-tech equipment making them more functional and safe. Moreover, we restored historical look of the building and its pre-revolutionary acoustics. We thank NAYADA company for its professional work and high efficiency. It was pleasant to work with you “.

NAYADA presented new space and shapes to the public.