Harley Davidson

About project

City: Moscow
Object type: Car showrooms

Project history


To detach the show room of a car dealership and seamlessly combine the trading area with box offices and negotiation rooms.

Peculiarities of the project

Object: Harley Davidson salon. Architect: Larisa Stolyarova (project manager of «Mercury»company). Project manager from NAYADA: Elena Tolchenova Installed partitions: NAYADA-Crystal, NAYADA-Standart.

Works of NAYADA

In modern trade centers NAYADA-Crystal partition is often used both, as a wall and as a showcase. In the new project of NAYADA — Harley Davidson showroom— the company specialists this allglass partition has another function: it serves as an advertising board.

The customer's objective was to separate the show-room of the dealership and to unite the trading space with ticket offices and negotiation rooms.

To solve this problem, NAYADA specialists installed two allglass partitions in the demonstration area equipped with suspended plasma panels. Considering that the displays had to me fixed on the partition, which had no metal carcass NAYADA specialists had to use a more solid glass up to 19 mm thick. It nearly doubled the weight of the whole construction. (usually NAYADA-Crystal partitions are made of glass 10–12 mm thick).

In order to fix such heavy glass the installers invented a completely new type of fixture with a channel bar set inside the floor. Above there was a 15х15 pipe made from stainless steel. Thanks to using profiles with light section the glass is totally explicit, metal elements are practically invisible.

A large-sized tape with a picture of Harley Davidson bike was applied to the glass panel. This technique canot be called new or difficult, however there was one serious problem: the customer insisted on applying a kind of tape that wasn't intended for such purposes. NAYADA specialists managed to accomplish this task by means of creative and technological approach.

The tape was placed between two standard transparent tapes. This method allowed to fix it on the glass panel and achieve the required effect.

Thus NAYADA-Crystal managed to become not only a solid support for the plasma panels, but also an additional advertising board allowing to distribute the attention focus of the visitors.