MAN Company

About project

Client: MAN Company
City: Moscow
Business type: Other
Partition type: NAYADA-Standart

Project history


Among NAYADA's contractors there are a lot of companies that have been working together with NAYADA for quite a long time, during which they managed to complete a lot of interesting projects. One of such companies is «Kino Expert». Together with NAYADA they have recently accomplished a new project: a company office for MAN company, the leading global producer of cargo-carrying equipment.

German architects, who designed the project set an objective to create a very light, transparent space with high level of sound insulation.

Peculiarities of the project

Since glazed partitions based on carcass is the only solution possessing the best sound insulation characteristics, to realise the idea of the customer NAYADA specialists used NAYADA-Standart partition system. To achieve the effect of openness and transparency in the office, the NAYADA workers installed partitions with maximum glass area (5000 х 2370mm). Each section was assembled from 3 glass panels joined together by means of using polycarbonate in-glass transparent profile.

A new connection element used by NAYADA is practically invisible. It not only allows to achieve the appropriate level of sound insulation, but also to create an effect of glass surface integrity. To enhance the ruggedness of this unusual construction it was decided to use a glass panel 10 mm thick (as a rule, the thickness of glas equals 6 mm). NAYADA-SmartWall partition with acoustic panels providing sound insulation level at 54 Db was installed in the conference hall. This solution allows to divide the hall into two absolutely identical sound proof rooms when necessary.

All enumerated solutions allowed to reach the appropriate sound insulation level, especially in those office zonez where this problem was particularly relevant and to avoid the uncomfortable effect produced in the closed spaces.

On the other hand, transparent elements used in the entrance group and negotiations rooms symbolized easy access for clients and partners.

Thus, the glazed NAYADA-Standart partitions were fitted with retractable frameless NAYADA doors, which are unusual for this construction. Glass panel, suspended to the track only from above provides convenient passage and creates an effect of lightness and maximum openness. A new connection element used by NAYADA is barely visible, thus it allows to reach the appropriate level of sound insulation and create a feeling of integrity when looking at the glass surface.

Project manager from NAYADA: Getsko Valeriy
Installed partitions: NAYADA-Standart, NAYADA-SmartWall, doors
Office area: more than 1200 sq. m