Marshal Capital Partners

About project

City: Moscow
Partition type: NAYADA-Regina

Project history


The customer had to zone the space dividing it into Hall, Conference Rooms, and Rooms for Directors.

Peculiarities of the project

The project was based on the furniture selected by the customer: tables, armchairs made of natural wood, screwed and encrusted. It was required to create such interior being in ideal harmony with it: expensive and fitting to the high status. NAYADA experts offered to use NAYADA-Regina and NAYADA-Tempo partitions finished with natural veneer. The veneer was selected in accordance with hue of the furniture and achieved almost 100% match.

The frame of the glass sections with imbedded wood shutters, filling of blind sections, and doors finished with Pear veneer.

Existent reception desk in the hall was successfully separated from working space of the office by a group of built-in wardrobes that absolutely continued the exterior of NAYADA-Tempo partitions, finished with veneer too.

Works of NAYADA


  • Manufacturing and installing partitions, wardrobes in the style of NAYADA-Tempo partitions, installing lighted drop ceiling. Total area of the installed partitions is over 200 square meters.
  • It took less than two months from signing of the contract to delivery of the site.