Club Grand Havana Room

About project

City: Moscow
Business type: Other
Object type: Public buildings

Project history


NAYADA-SmartWall partition provides convenient way of zoning space for more functional use. That is why it can be used both, in offices and in prestigious clubs. One of the examples of NAYADA-SmartWall functionality is the in the world and the first in Moscow Grand Havana Room Cigar Club. NAYADA design engineers were to separate the VIP zone from the common room and perform this with maximum aesthetics and minimal losses.

Peculiarities of the project

To accentuate the club status NAYADA designers decided to decorate NAYADA-SmartWall H100 partition sections with laminated chipboard panels, which fully imitate natural wood. Dark shades imitating venge perfectly match the colour palette of the whole interior and demonstrate elitism and exquisiteness of the club. Assembled partition presents a wall divided by the column.

Thanks to the unusually organized unified parking zone, the sections are not folded, but slide away to form a line along the wall. Thus NAYADA-SmartWall practically duplicates the wall.

In order to realize this beautiful and original project, the designer had to take into account one little nuance: the original wall turned out to be less than the length of the partition. The engineers decided to make a small niche for a spare section. Thus, when unfolded, the partition presents a unified construction.

Specially for this project the engineers elaborated a system of section suspension. Since both partitions are lead into the same parking, they installed a sophisticated system of tracks, which allows the unrolling sections to move round the column.