LDK Development

About project

City: Moscow
Business type: Other

Project history


LDK Development has just moved to a new office of the famous business center «Tower2000» located on Taras Shevchenko embankment, 23А. The office of the company occupied the whole 24th floor. The interior of the company office was developed and executed by NAYADA specialists. Thanks to various zoning systems developed by NAYADA the office looks not only functional, but also modern, stylish and comfortable.

Peculiarities of the project

The customer presented its own design project of the future office, and some of the ideas were born already in the process of work. For instance, when decorating the rooms finished by NAYADA-Tempo system, it was decided that the color of window sills should match the hinged panels. This decision helped to create an integral harmonious look of the office. In smaller rooms with low ceilings NAYADA specialists used light white partitions in order to create a feeling of volume and openness. In other offices it was important to accentuate the status of their owners. That is why they were decorated with darker panels imitating finewoods.

Eventually, the use of various NAYADA solutions in one office in one office caused a serious design and engineering problem: each system presupposes using various fastening techniques for blind sections, that is why NAYADA-Tempo panels had horizontal grain of timber, while NAYADA-SmartWall doors and sections had vertical grain of timber. However thanks to the appropriate arrangement and panel dimensioning NAYADA specialists managed to create an integral pattern and provide smooth transitions of lines. Thus, the office became harmonious and complete. Interesting solutions were also used in reception zone. Matt glass doors and partitions used for the hall decoration create a feeling of openness and perfectly match with matt glass top of the reception unit.