Four Seasons

About project

Client: Four Seasons
City: Moscow
Business type: Other
Object type: Shopping centers
Partition type: NAYADA-Fireproof EIW-15

Project history


NAYADA company has already constructed more than 10 shops in Four Seasons business center. However the most remarkable one, both regarding design and technical implementation is definitely the Porsche showroom. Setting about this project, NAYADA had to take in account two factors: the design of the showroom had to correspond with the internal design of the whole building in the first place, and secondly, the showroom had to be highly accessible for customers and have a convenient entry zone for delivered cars.

Peculiarities of the project

To add an effect of maximum openness, NAYADA engineers used a partition with a special type of glass called OPTI WHITE. It is completely colorless and ultimately transparent.

NAYADA specialists were aware that before getting to the showroom the cars were first delivered to the office part of the shop by means of the cargo lift, and the showroom itself was separated from the office by a corridor. To make the car delivery more easy and convenient, they also installed another NAYADA-SmartWall partition in the office.

This partition having a radial shape imitates the lines of the demonstration part of the showroom. The ability to regulate the size of the aperture allows to deliver or drive back the required amount of cars quickly and effectively without breaching the job climate of the office part of the shop or disturbing the customers.

Works of NAYADA

NAYADA specialists managed to find a complex solution for all the tasks set by the customer. They offered to use NAYADA-SmartWall glass sliding partitions. Considering a sophisticated geometry of the shop, it was necessary to calculate the layout metrics of partition sections. On the one hand, they had to be very narrow in order to imitate the elliptical shape and avoid sharp angles at the junctions. At the same time, each section had to be stable and rigid in order to avoid deflections (the so-called sail effect). This was possible only by observing the right proportions between height, width and thickness of glass.

The consistent formula has been calculated, and the partition turned out to have 40 sections, each of which had dimensions 1110 х 3500 mm (glass is 12 mm thick).

A part of the partition, according to the customer's request, was made completely static: several sections on both sides of the semi-ellipsis in the place where it is adjusted to the wall are fixed to the floor and ceiling with the help of specially developed holders and thus remain unmoved.

The rest of the partition can be fully disassembled and stored at the parking consisting of 4 zones.

Project manager from NAYADA: Marina Khalif
design engineer: Georgy Sviridov
installed partitions: NAYADA-SmartWall G5
covered area: 175 sq. m.