Business Center Victory Plaza

About project

City: Moscow
Business type: Other
Object type: Business Centers

Project history


“A” class business center Victory Plaza
The company name: MR Group
The architect/designer: Korotenko Maxim
The project head: Aleksei Anikin
The engineer-projector: Mirshukurov Timur
The established partitions systems of the NAYADA company: NAYADA-Standart, NAYADA-Crystal, fireproof glazed doors NAYADA- Fireproof EI-45, laminated doors

The decision was found in a laconic combination of green marble and transparent surfaces. By means of the NAYADA-Standart transparent partitions with double glazing were accentuated the bank and the cafe zones, located in the foyer. Victory Plaza lift hall is completed in matte glass by the method of the wall duplication with a use of accessories. In order to keep the idea of simplicity and elegance of the interior, offered by the architect, NAYADA experts have developed the decision which was never offered to any of manufacturers before. This fireproof door was perfectly entered to the general interior thanks to the tempered matte glass.

All fireproof doors of the center are equipped with new German door closers with a sliding core. The special mechanism limits the angle of opening of the doors and regulates speed of their closing. Unusual ceilings of the incoming group and lift hall of the business center are projected by the engineer- projector of NAYADA. The matted glass panels built in a false-ceiling, created on the basis of NAYADA-Standart partitions, are fixed at the aluminium carcass with backlights and form non-standard drawing of the ceiling.

We are glad that we refer to such significant for the commercial real estate market event, and we are always ready to offer the best ideas and decisions of the company to our partners for their success and development.