About project

Client: Nasta
City: Moscow

Project history


The objective was set by the architect V. Buinovsky, who wanted to create a warm, light, stylish and concentual office using a combination of wood and glass.

Peculiarities of the project

Glass and veneer appeared not only in partitions, but also in doors, walls and the ceiling of the “Nasta” Company office. The architect’s idea of making a veneer ceiling with illuminated glass insets turned out to be brilliant and helped to create an ingenious office space. This kind of ceiling is the first successful experience of NAYADA Company. The architect and NAYADA constructors have made another marvel.

Veneer furnished partition system is an exclusive product made by NAYADA. This system is unique. It is based on metal frame, and the visible part is made of veneer of various kinds of wood. The texture and combination of different cuts of wood, fiber direction and color – all of it gives a designer a wide range of opportunities to embody his most unusual ideas. 80 kinds of veneer may be used for furnishing this unique partition. They help the interior elements – walls, partitions, furniture and other details - to blend harmoniously. The partition offers a wide range of technical capabilities as well. The metal frame allows being attached to any ceiling panel via suspended ceiling.

A whole-glass partition system is a symbol of lightness and transparency. Glass is easy to work on and thus allows creating unique designs.

Works of NAYADA

  • Installation of NAYADA-Crystal exclusive whole-glass partition system finished with veneer made of NAYADA-Regina precious kinds of wood, NAYADA-Standart stationery partition system