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About project

City: Chelyabinsk
Partition type: NAYADA-Standart

Project history


Dividing the show room of the automobile salon, in order to separate a cashier’s office and a chat room.

Peculiarities of the project

The client has worked with our company before (NAYDA workers dubbed the walls in the general manager’s office with mounted wood chipboard panels), that is why this time he fully relied on our sense of style and experience without using the services of a designer.

Works of NAYADA

  • The client didn’t’t set the clear objective – the configuration and the outward look of the partition wasn’t defined. That is why being honoured with the client’s confidence and having no restrictions to our creative impulses we decided to make the project a reality.
  • The elegant modern partition NAYADA-Standart (Lite) divides the showroom into two sections, in which different brands of cars are presented. The main peculiarity of the partition is the unusual way in which its sections are divided (26mm thin profile divides them horizontally). This style is preserved on the door due to using glass matted with stripes. The matt glass ensures the functionality of the partition and keeps up the general style of the room.
  • For the cashing office and chat room we decided to install a round-shaped partition. Above the door level the sections are filled in with a double stained glass with Venetian blinds. Above it there is matt and transparent glass, repeating the upper infill of the sections adjoining to the partition, which divides the salon into two parts.
  • The result of our creative work fully corresponded the client’s request. The partitions installed without any design project blend with the general style of the modern automobile salon interior. They prove that we can find the common language with clients and understand their needs, because fter taking a look at the final design the client didn’t want to change a thing.