Serebryany Gorod Business Center

About project

City: Moscow
Business type: Other
Object type: Business Centers

Project history


15 floors of Serebryany Gorod business center acknowledged as one of the best buildings of 2007 according to House of the Year competition results were constructed by NAYADA. The most interesting interior solutions were implemented in the elevator zones.

Before this project NAYADA specialists would install mainly NAYADA-Fireproof partitions in the elevator lobbies, taking into account only fire safety. For the first time the elevator lobbies of Serebryany Gorod business center were decorated with NAYADA-Crystal systems in conformity with the style of the whole building. The walls of each elevator lobby were finished with duplicating all-glass partitions. To add some colour, the engineers used orange and white tempered glass conforming with the colour scheme of the whole building.

Peculiarities of the project

Before setting to realisation of this project NAYADA specialists had to develop a new method of adjusting glass sections to NAYADA-Crystal partition, because this system intended for duplicating the walls was used for the first time. This problem was easily solved by means of using a metal carcass.

However according to NAYADA specialist, inventing a new adjustment technology was not as difficult as matching colours of glass sections. The point is that in the process of coloring the paint is literally baked to the glass under the influence of high temperatures, that is why it is important to start colouring the whole lot right away. Only in this case it is possible to guarantee that the shades will match with one another. One more problem was that coloring of such large quantities of panels had to be done in several stages, thus sometimes it lead to colour mismatching, and the glass panels had to be painted once again.

In spite of those difficulties, the required effect had been achieved, and all the walls of the business center decorated with NAYADA partitions were executed in the uniform style. Another technical novelty implemented by NAYADA specialists was a combination of NAYADA-Crystal together with stainless steel insets applied in the middle of the partition. This solution allowed to lay services without breaking the style and aesthetics of the space.

Apart from elevator halls in Serebryany Gorod NAYADA constructed the entrance zone of the business center, which was also coloured in white-and-orange shades. The colour layout of the interior is accentuated by NAYADA reception units decorated with acrylic stones of white and orange colours.