About project

Client: SlavNeft
City: Moscow
Business type: Other
Partition type: NAYADA-Crystal

Project history


Decorating office zones with NAYADA-Crystal partitions

Peculiarities of the project

Object: «Slavneft» Company
Project of design agency: «E Program»
Project manager from NAYADA: Alexander Adamov
Installed partitions: NAYADA-Crystal
The total area of partition panels: more than 400 кв. м

Works of NAYADA

Nowadays glass is widely used for office interior decoration. However it is still hard to imagine a company office completely made of glass. Slavneft Company came to a decision to make such a transparent office with NAYADA-Crystal partitions constituting office space on each of the three floors.

The most interesting NAYADA-Crystal partition was used for decorating the VIP-zone. This partition 12 metres long and 3 metres high is decorated with a pattern, which illustrates the company activity and its corporate style.

The pattern was applied by means of sandblast technology, which allows creating a relief on its surface. The pattern looks as if it was caved in the glass panel. The sunrays refract from partition surface thus creating an effect of a colour palette. Despite the fact that the partition consists of more than 10 panels it is perceived as a solid glass sheet, because the pattern perfectly registers at the panel junctions.

The rest of the office zones are also decorated with NAYADA-Crystal partitions, both transparent and matted. Even the columns at the entrance were enclothed in glass. Each supporting column was finished with three glass panels gliding into ceiling decorum elements and the fourth mirror panel was used to complete the composition making the columns light and airy.

Thanks to all these «glass experiments» of E-Program designers and NAYADA specialists the office of «Slavneft» company looks light, open and spacious. Thanks to the combination of matte and transparent glass they managed to eliminate the «aquarium effect». Thus the new office space fully meets the client requirements «to create an extremely open office, which would be comfortable to work in and create the atmosphere or trust and confidence.