About project

City: Moscow
Partition type: NAYADA-Crystal, Railing System

Project history


The company name: LLC “Snezhny gorod”
The architect/designer: Julia Burdova BuroMoscow
The project head: Roman Prihodko, Dmitry Smirnov

The engineer-projector: Roman Prihodko
The area of the established partitions: 500 sq.m.
The established partitions systems of the company: NAYADA-Crystal, glass protections, NAYADA-Parapetto

The interiors of the first Russian All-weather Alpine skiing Complex SNEZH.COM are created by means of the high technologies and NAYADA company products. There exists about 30 covered all-year alpine skiing complexes all over the world, the Russian project has absorbed all the best of the foreign experience. Now alpine skiing fans of our country have a possibility to enjoy winter kinds of sports at any time a year, with no need to go abroad. NAYADA company embodied the BuroMoscow creative group’s ideas of decoration of the leisure part of the Complex.

Alpine skiing theme has laid down in a basis of the interiors decoration concept of the unique Complex. BuroMoscow’s idea consisted in that atrium visitors of the Complex could feel cosy atmosphere of the mountain hotel where it is possible to relax after skiing. Julia Burdova, the architect, has set NAYADA experts a task to create atrium space as much opened and devoided of the small details as possible. NAYADA experts offered the original decision - the atrium's protection has been developed and performed from the glass without metal racks. All the attachment fittings have been hidden behind the plaster bas-relief panels forming the atrium's core. The bas-reliefs with the abstract 3D ornament were made by NAYADA partner- the company «Gorod Bogov». Specially for the given project NAYADA engineers have developed and produced the stainless steel hand-rail, which does not have analogues. Facades of all atrium objects are performed by means of NAYADA-Crystal glass partitions and keep the general idea of the open space. In order to achieve the maximum height of the light aperture, all the attachment fittings were hidden into the ceiling space and into the floor.

Partitions installation work was complicated by the customer's requirement to finish the installation before the beginning of the finishing work of the whole atrium zone. It required NAYADA experts maximum accuracy in observance of the parametres and the terms . Our company’ s participation in such project as SNEZH.COM has once again proved that NAYADA's effective decisions meet the requirements of the most super modern objects.