About project

Client: Vneshtorgbank
City: St. Petersburg

Project history


The objective set by the main contract company was to make a high-quality project of assembling partitions on 5 floors in the bank with a total area of 2000 sq. meters in time.

Peculiarities of the project

Installation work lasted from July to October 2005.

Works of NAYADA

  • The main problem during the installation process was that all the contract companies had to work simultaneously. There were cases when the partitions were already assembled, but the field painting hadn’t started yet, that is why they had to be covered with plastic coating. Sometimes partitions had to be mounted on a buckle, and veneer sheets had to be put under them.
  • The doors for the cash offices were made using «NAYADA-Cystal» partition systems with two types of plastic cover applied: matt and glossy blue.
  • On all 5 floors the space was organized with the help of «NAYADA-Standart»partitions with double glass and Venetian blinds. A 200mm-thick band made of gypsum cardboard sheet with vinyl covering was applied at the height of 900mm from the floor for outlet and switch installation.
  • The project turned out to be significant and wide-ranging, however the contract company “Nayada-Neva” managed to execute it ahead of the schedule.