SVL Activ Trading Limited

Project history

Peculiarities of the project

Company name: SVL Activ Trading Limited
Project authors: Alexey Borodin, Marina Ivleva («FunDesignGroup»)
Project manager: Yelena Alyabyeva
Design engineer: FunDesignGroup, Nayada (partitions)

Partition systems and other products installed by NAYADA: fixed partitions NAYADA-Crystal, NAYADA-Regina, NAYADA-Regina Line, wall duplication, column coating, NAYADA-Regina Line – ceiling constructions, veneer, doors, solvent gravures.

Works of NAYADA

NAYADA has accomplished works on space decoration in the office of SVL Active Trading Limited, one of the world leaders in sea transportation. The Russian representative office of the company located itself in a four-storied building on Mosfilmovskaya Street.

On the first floor the authors of projects located maintenance and supply departments and a dining hall, working areas are on the second and third floors. The fourth floor is intended for top managers. In the process of selection of finishing materials the preference was given to natural and ecofriendly ones in accordance with the company philosophy – veneer, marble, hammer-work, silk.

According to the conception of the architects, the office interior had to reflect the major corporate idea: every employee is as good as gold. Comfortable conditions were created for all team members: offices (18-40 sq. meters) are intended for 1-3 people. The main feature of the building is its dissymetry and the absence of partition-walls. That is why the architects were given carte blanche to decorate and divide space. They decided to use NAYADA-Crystal partitions with solvent gravures as well as NAYADA-Regina, NAYADA-Regina Line и NAYADA-Regina Lite partition systems.

Tanks to a wide assortment of accessories, NAYADA-Crystal partitions have perfectly fit into the interior. In particular, these partitions were used for decoration of the dining hall.

The main advantage of NAYADA-Regina is its ability for complex decoration of interiors combining finishing of walls, floor, ceiling, furniture and other elements.

According to designers, the main technological difficulty was to join constructions. The use of corner connection elements allowed to realize complicated planning tasks related to junction randomly textured partitions and solve the problem of sharp edges (from 1,5° to 15°). Panel connections on the edges of columns and walls with doubling was made in a new way. Here panels are placed in steps creating a play of the volume. At the partition joinings circular pillars were replaced by square ones. As the result, the surface of the whole partition looks absolutely even and its lines look clear cut. With the help of submerged planks the transition of all-glass partitions into columns decorated with veneer solved a problem of colour scheme and aesthetic decoration of constructions.

The whole design was based on the angle form corresponding to the snout of a ship cutting the seawater. Using this element in the process of planning the floors, ceilings, partitions, reception units allowed to make the interior more dynamic and light. The image of a tank ship appears in a textured picture and graphical pattern on glass partitions. Geometric structure, clear lines, natural materials and colours, and decorative solutions in the interior correspond to the company style.

The outlines of a diamond-shaped ceiling light located over the reception unit correspond to marble on the floor and reception counter. Square-shaped lights on the staircases and in the conference rooms add some soft lighting.

The authors of the project noted that the choice of NAYADA as a contractor is logical. Since the time was running out, and finishing works were carried out together with construction of the building, mobility and efficiency. NAYADA completely satisfied expectations: in the shortest terms without compromising on quality NAYADA professionals have managed to accomplish the complex task.

According to Alexey Borodin, usually this haste affects the quality of woks, but this has nothing to do with NAYADA's products: within 5 months we have installed partitions on the area of 2000 sq.m.

The customer especially appreciated the fact that NAYADA never lays down hard terms and is always ready to contact and reach compromise thus allowing authors' ideas come to life.

NAYADA's products and solutions allowed to reflect the spirit of the largest company with its marine theme in the interior. The office itself turned out to be respectable and at the same time comfortable and cozy.