Health Improvement & Recovery Center of “Tatenergo” Closed Joint-Stock Company

About project

Client: Health Improvement & Recovery Center of “Tatenergo” Closed Joint-Stock Company
City: Kazan
Business type: Other
Object type: Public buildings
Partition type: Reception counters

Project history


The general contractor included sliding partitions into the project of the conference hall reconstruction. There should be a possibility to quickly change its volume depending on the events held in it. The specialists of NAYADA Company offered a solution based on NAYADA-SmartWall partition system.

Besides that, the zones had to be decorated with reception counters to accept and registrate visitors. The counters had to fit the embrasures created specially for them.

Peculiarities of the project

The height of the first NAYADA-Reception partition was 6 m. it was the first partition of this height made and mounted by NAYADA.

For the first time 3 reception counters were created only for one object. They had different configuration but corresponded to the general style of the interior.

Works of NAYADA

Sliding partitions were mounted on time and had good quality. The sliding mechanisms are working safely. NAYADA-Reception counters made in accordance with the customer’s requirements ideally fit the embrasures. The customer was satisfied with the result.