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Peculiarities of the project

Company name: Veronezi&Partners
Project authors: Effequattro architect bureau
Project manager: Dmitry Rylov
Design engineer: Dmitry Rylov
Total area: 105 sq. m.
Partition systems and other products installed by NAYADA: fixed partitions NAYADA-Crystal, NAYADA-SmartWall, NAYADA-Intero, NAYADA-Optima+, NAYADA-Standart

Works of NAYADA

NAYADA International has accomplished a project for Veronezi& Partners, a legal and consulting company of a wide profile. The headquarters of the studio is located in Verona, on the north of Italy, in a strategic region between two most economically developed zones of Milan and Venice.

Veronezi&Partners studio was created in 1995 by Fabricio Veronezi, Doctor of Juridical Science, and in 2008 evolved into a professional association. The range of services includes The range of services includes not only classical accounting and legal consulting but also business consulting concerning strategic management and single technical problems regarding business activities and legal proceedings.

The project of the office was developed with the participation of Effequattro architect bureau. With the help of NAYADA partitions the office space was divided into several functional zones: director's office, two conference rooms, reception, as well as the area with employees' workplaces. Since the office lacks light (only one side of the building has a glass facade that passes sunlight), transparent inner partitions were used. A number of solid partitions Intero has white and wenge panels. White office furniture, white reception desk, white leather arm-chairs, white Venetian blinds create the atmosphere of purity and transparency. The same effect is achieved with the help of NAYADA-SmartWall G5 partition system with glass insets and white panels. This system allows to unite two conference rooms into one.

According to the idea of architects, the concept of the office can be expressed in one word – pulito, which means ''piure'', ''without excessiveness'' in Italian. It corresponds to the main trends of the European market. NAYADA's products helped Veronezi&Partners studio to reflect the corporate philosophy and its aspiration for openness and impartiality in relations with clients and partners.