Unimall shopping center

About project

City: Moscow
Object type: Shopping centers
Partition type: NAYADA-Crystal, Railing System

Project history


The company name: «Unimall» shopping center
The project head: Vadim Gavrilov
The engineer-projector: Vladimir Podkirmezh, Roman Prihodko
The area of the established partitions: about 500 sq.m.
The established partitions systems of the company: NAYADA-Crystal, NAYADA-Parapetto

Peculiarities of the project

Opening of two new objects – shopping centers «Na Begovoi» and "Unimoll" became important event of 2009 at the modern Moscow trading real estate market. Shopping center "Unimoll" at Novorizhsky highway offers inhabitants of New Riga elite cottage settlements the large spectrum of premium class goods and services for housing and repair. The first Kika company furniture hypermarket in Russia became one of anchor tenants of the complex. NAYADA Company has executed the trading space clearance order of this modern center.

Project details you can find out at the section "Project history".

NAYADA experts were set all task to create travolator path protection and to complete trading pavilions facades of the ground floor. Reliable and safe NAYADA-Crystal partitions systems were offered for the pavilions registration what is traditional decision for shopping centers. Bottom and top part of partitions are fronted by stainless steel which forms an original framework of all pavilions facades of all pavilions. The eaves which was started up partitions perimetre is made of non-standard tightening profile 75 mm height. Places for light boxes are provided above the eaves. The small height of pavilions entrance groups was hidden by means of doors stated at all aperture height.

Travolator atrium protection is executed by means of NAYADA-Parapetto systems. Unusual curly handrail with holes became the real decoration of this functional zone. The newest technologies and modern high-quality products of the building market were used when building of “Unimall” premium class shopping center. NAYADA systems have ideally completed a task of creation prestigious object's refined expensive interior.